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Sales Strategy & Methodology

The Steps to Meeting Your Business' Sales Potential

Always selling at the top of your potential may sound like an impossible dream. But in our experience, companies that commit to following a solid sales strategy can consistently meet their stretch goals for sales. Our sales strategy methodology will walk you through it, step by step.

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Step 1: Sales Planning

The planning step helps you develop sales and data plans that will allow the organisation to make the number. You will know what data you need along the way to help you make decisions. With the right plans in place, you improve your chances of success.

Phase 1: Markets

Understand the playing field completely.

Phase 2: Accounts

Go after accounts that are going to spend a lot this year and avoid those that are not.

Phase 3: Buyers

Understand how executives make purchase decisions.

Step 2: Engagement

The engagement step is where you define how the sales team interacts with prospects and customers. This begins with prospecting to generate early-stage buyer interest. Even if you are supported by a world class marketing team, the reality is that sales will still need to source at least 50% to 70% of your opportunities. This process definition continues through the sales process. The sales process must match the way buyers turn their initial interest into a decision to buy.

Phase 4: Prospecting

Fill the funnel with real sales opportunities.

Phase 5: Sales Process

Win more deals. Win bigger deals. Faster.

Phase 6: Organisational Design

Determine the right number of “feet on the street,” what type of reps you need, and the best organisational chart for you.

Phase 7: People Plan

“A” players generate 5x more revenue than “B” players and 10x more than “C” players.

Phase 8: Channel Optimisation

Cover the market completely with direct and indirect sales channels.

Phase 9: Territory Alignment

Balance customer requirements, company revenue expectations and sales rep workload to grow revenues.

Phase 10: Target Setting

Link company objectives to sales rep targets.

Phase 11: Compensation Planning

Incentive compensation plans that get you to your revenue goal.

Step 3: Sales Support

Help your sales team be effective in perpetuity by supporting them and making your internal organisation easy to do business with. Support is where you help your sales team’s effectiveness by removing their non-selling responsibilities and streamlining those that can’t be offloaded. With sales operations you will improve the efficiency of the team through process, technology, metrics and best practices. With sales support you will make the internal organisation easy to interact with. With systems you remove the administrative burden by automating the core business process.

Phase 12: Sales Operations

Improve the efficiency of the sales team.

Phase 13: Sales Enablement

Drive revenue per sales head up and time to productivity for new sales hires down.

Phase 14: Systems

Improve the productivity rates of your sales team with smart sales systems design.

Phase 15: Back Office Support

Be a company easy to buy from and sell for.

Ready To Talk? Cadence Consulting can help you implement some or all of the practices embraced by leading companies.

Sales Strategy |

Determining the best sales structure and strategy to meet fast moving markets and changing demands can be challenging. By analysing your business goals and refining your go-to-market strategy and segmentation models, we can help you identify the operating model and strategy to meet your needs and aspirations.

Sales Process |

Development of robust and well engineered sales processes are essential to accelerating your sales growth. We can help you determine the process of why, when and how your sales team engages with buyers to accelerate the sales cycle and maximise your ability to achieve your revenue goals.

Sales Analysis |

Identifying and understanding the key measurements that align with your goals and objectives is critical. We can ensure that you have the right levers to drive and control results. We can also help you determine key success measurements and utilise your sales data to provide real insights that will optimise your strategy and your profitability.

Sales Enablement |

Using the right resources and tools can quickly enable your sales team to improve their effectiveness. We can evaluate your teams performance, help you define your strategy and establish best practices that will deliver significant improvements in your sales productivity and conversion.

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