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What makes leaders great? Is it their courage? Their business acumen? Their expert knowledge? Their ability to organise? Truly great leaders have a specific blend of skills. But they also possess the confidence to fully acknowledge and fulfil their potential.

If you're currently in a leadership or management role, then you're likely to have wondered how you can move to that "next level," going from
good to great leadership.
From our experience, the difference between people who succeed and those that don't isn't desire, ability, or luck.
The difference is that accomplished people take the time and initiative to equip themselves with the knowledge and tools they need for success,
whilst other fail to take action. B
y equipping yourself, we mean taking the initiative to improve your skills and take control of your career. And if
you're willing to take this step, there's an incredible opportunity to achieve greater success.
Leadership is a strategic business advantage, it is in essence the difference, it is the deciding factor on whether or not your business will have ultimate success. The long-term strength of a business is its capacity to nurture and develop its people at the speed, equal to or greater than the change that is happening in the environment. This can only be achieved by people focusing on their own autonomy, mastery and purpose.

The Effective Leadership Academy

The Effective Leadership Academy is a unique programme designed exclusively for existing and aspiring leaders who want to share ideas with a peer group of other leaders and create more leadership time by applying best practice models. The Effective Leadership Academy can be tailored to your exact need to ensure that you benefit from:

You spend time reflecting on the best things to do for your company

Re-familiarise yourself with best practice to make you highly effective as a person and leader

You are coached through implementation of actions by Stephen Henry

What you will cover in this uniquely insightful programme:

Your Leadership Style

Online tools to assess your personal leadership style
360 degree feedback
Help you to identify imbalances in your own style and in your team

Creating A Compelling Vision

How to design your strategic vision
Defining you mission and values
Achieving engagement and buy in from your team
Designing an agile business strategy

Role Modelling The Behaviour

Leading and inspiring others to achieve their potential
Adapting your leadership style and approach to bring out the best in people
Engaging others to achieve results

Creating a Business Cadence

What should you be measuring
Creating an effective business governance framework
Driving performance improvement
Creating a high performance culture


Creating collaboration and trust
Developing effective team communication
Understanding individual motivators and how to motivate
Successful delegation

Delivering Change

Effective planning and Project leadership
Understanding the impact of change and uncertainty on others
Supporting people through change
Delivering performance through change

Developing Your People

Creating the space for others to step into
Coaching for performance
Performance management frameworks
Delivering effective feedback

one-to-one coaching

You will have one-to-one coaching sessions before, during and after the course to review your feedback and determine your goals and plans.

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