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How to Make Social Media As Natural
As Running The Rest of Your Business

​As a small business owner, you probably know that social media is an effective way of regularly engaging with your customers and reaching out to new ones. But what do you say?
Sometimes it is really difficult to come up with new ideas or new things to talk about that are engaging or meaningful. I had just this conversation with a client this morning,
so we spent some time looking at all the different topics they could tweet about. 

Keeping on top of social media can become So ha time consuming chore for a small business owner, but getting some structure to your social media activity
means it shouldn't take up more than 15 minutes a day. There are lots of different types of tweets that work well for small businesses and that can be created on the fly
as you go about your day. Here are 29 things to tweet that show how social media can become an extension of your business, rather than a chore. 
Once you get in the habit of noticing the tweet-able moments sprinkled throughout your day, social media will
become as natural as any other essential parts of running your business. 

1. Tweet about something you made today.
Or yesterday. Or last week. Or last year. (People forget.)

2. Tweet to someone who tweeted to you.
Respond like a human, but be nice. People forget; the Internet never does.

3. Tweet about a promotion you’re running for your business.
Consider creating an ad or pictograph to reach new customers or followers.

4. Tweet a teaser about a new product you’re working on.

5. Tweet (and Instagram) a #TBT (“throwback Thursday”) with a picture of you or your team on your first day of business.
Is it not Thursday? #FlashbackFriday #RewindWednesday also work. You don’t want to appear spammy by padding your caption with a bunch of hashtags, but a few keywords that relate to your tweet or business can help people discover your content.

6. Tweet a thank you to all your customers.
You don't need an reason to do this one.

7. Tweet “Thank you” to one specific customer.
Write the thank you in a way that ensures they know you’re talking just to them and that you’re a human.

8. Tweet to celebrate a milestone.

9. Tweet a surprise to one customer. Make their day.
Everyone likes free things.

10. Retweet praise about your business.

11. Reply tweet to the person who praised you and thank them for the support.
Maybe send them a gif of a great new offer. (That exists.)

12. Tweet an article related to your industry that you find interesting.
Tag the author or other people you think would enjoy it. Ask them what they think. Then respond. (That's two tweets for the price of one!)

13. Retweet praise about a business that is complementary or related to yours.
Celebrate other people’s successes and they will return the favour.

14. Tweet about a small success.

A glowing review on social media. A happy customer. Another day of making your dream happen. All tweet-worthy!

15. Tweet about a big success.

A new product launch. Record sales. A new location. A big investment. If it’s something you’re cheersing to, it’s worth at least one tweet.

16. Tweet about a customer’s success.
Especially if you helped them with it. A little congratulations goes a long way.

17. Tweet if your service or business is temporarily interrupted.

Things happen. Maybe your website crashed. Or you ran out of an ingredient. Or an employee is sick and you have to close early. People will understand, but give them a head’s up and let them know you’re working on it.

18. Tweet your Yelp page.
Ask people to leave a review.

19. Tweet an explainer video about what your business does.
Consider turning it into an online ad to reach new people who don’t know about you yet.

20. Tweet a question to your customers about your business.
Listen to their responses and adjust your service accordingly.

21. Tweet a picture of one of your employees.
Add a fun-fact about them.

22. Tweet a behind-the-scenes shot of your business.

23. Tweet about a problem your business solves.
You likely did a lot of research before starting your business. Find pieces of that research and put it out there to show what you’re working towards.

24. Retweet other people who tweet things you like or find interesting.
A brand is more than the product or service you create. Your social feeds should reflect the brand; not the product.

25. Tweet a picture of something pleasant.
It can be a lot of things: a product your business makes set in natural light, a service you provide (also set in natural light), a happy customer (get their permission), the sky, a flower, a sunset, an ice cream cone, a puppy, a kitten, a koala—pretty much any furry creature—something unusual, like a ladybug crossing the street, a symbol of a season or national holiday, your morning coffee…you get the idea. If there’s nothing pleasant or pretty about your business or lifestyle, consider rebranding…or taking a vacation.

26. Tweet a quote that resonates with you.
Put it on a picture of something pretty. If it’s Monday, call it #motivationmonday, or spend five minutes thinking about other words people might use to describe the quote and put a # symbol in front of it. Congratulations! You just mastered hashtags.

27. Tweet an article you or someone else wrote about how or why your business started.
But don’t do this every day. Give 70 and take 30 on social.

28. Tweet a gif that made you laugh.
Use sparingly. Unless, of course, that’s your brand, then by all means do you.

29. Tweet good morning.

Adjust for time of day and add a pretty picture of wherever you are or what you're doing.

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